Abstracts Submission Notice





The scientific commission makes public the call for abstracts for the 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF HEALTH SCIENCES


By submitting an abstract, the author (s) confirm that they are aware of and agree to the rules described below.


Abstract Categories Accepted:


1. It will be accepted case studies, clinical trials, systematic reviews/ meta-analyses, approved by a Research Ethics Committee, when applicable.


2. The studies should be submitted using the templates provided for abstract or expanded abstracts.


3. If the abstracts are approved, the authors will receive a presentation certificate.





Abstract Submission Schedule:


4. Abstracts should be submitted until 25/10/2020 at 23:59 hours to the email or through specific link provided on the event website. Abstracts sent by any other means will not be accepted.


5. The presentation of the abstract is required only for the ten best studies, the remaining forty approved are exempt. It will be on the day of the event. The schedule, and the links to access the google meet rooms (or other streaming platform chosen by the Scientific Committee) are going to be available on the official website one week before the event date.


6. The theme of the abstract should be aligned with the congress vision, addressing areas related to Health Education, Program and Service Evaluation; Population and molecular epidemiology; Disease Clinic, Diagnosis and Therapy; Etiopathogenesis and Pathophysiology of Diseases. 

7. Each abstract should have a maximum of 8 authors including an advisor.


8. The participation of an advisor (mentor teacher), linked to a higher education institution or institution registered is mandatory.


9. The abstract must contain in section "Methodology" or " Materials and Methods" the number related to the approval of an Ethics Committee in Research (ECR) and the institution to which the ECR is linked (example: This study was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the State University of Montes Claros (Opinion No. 1234/2019), except for systematic review/meta-analysis ).


10. The abstract should be sent by THE FIRST AUTHOR, using the aforementioned e-mail in MS Word format (.doc or .docx). In the “Subject” tab, it should be written “Scientific Abstract Submission”. In the body of the email must be present the full name, highest title, email, and telephone of all authors. You should also indicate who is the advisor and who will perform the presentation of the abstract.


11. The sequence and spelling of the entered names will be assumed in certificates and publications, without the possibility of correction or inclusion of any other names after the submission process.


12. For the submission of abstracts, at least 2 (two) authors must be registered in the event (Info: Not applicable in the case of only one author). Copies of the 2 (two) proofs of registration must be attached and sent by the first author in the abstract submission process.


13. Only the first email sent will be accepted (further submissions with corrections of the same abstract or other proofs of registration will not be considered).


14. If the participant wishes to submit more than one abstract as the first author, he/she should send them together, paying attention to the proofs of the two authors registered in the event of each abstract (except for single authorship).


15. Confirmation of receipt of the scientific abstract will be made to the author responsible for the email. If you do not receive it within 5 (five) days, please contact the Event Organization by email at


16. The first author is responsible for sending these proofs of registration.


17. The names of all the authors of the abstract will appear on the presentation certificate.


18. Abstracts will be reviewed by the appraisers of the event and may or may not be approved.


19. Up to 2 (TWO), DIFFERENT ABSTRACTS will be allowed to be sent by a first author, which cannot be based on the same research study. As a second author, there will be no maximum limit of abstracts to be submitted.


Rules for Abstracts


20. Abstracts should be typed in a Word editor, Arial font, normal style, size 12, single spacing (1,0) between lines. Use the following margins: top and left 3.0 cm, right and bottom 2.0 cm; on page A4. Abstracts should contain the following items: Title: Abstract title should be capitalized, bold, centered, Arial font, normal style, size 14. Authors' names and surnames: should be written in this order and should be below the title, right-aligned. Use Arial font, size 12. Write only the authors' first and last names, in the form of flowing text, separated by commas. Do not write any other term, such as author and co-authors, mentor teacher, etc. Authors Information: Must be written right after the references just as shown in the template, right-aligned, in Arial font, size 10. It must contain only the institutional affiliation and email of the primary author and the institutional affiliations of the other authors (education, course attending, institutional affiliation). Body structured abstract: should be two lines below the address of the authors. The body of the abstract should be in justified mode, Arial font, size 12, simple line spacing (1.0), and contain a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 400 words. Abstracts should be in a single paragraph without including figures and tables. Abstract structure items should be present and be highlighted in bold, with no paragraph or blank lines, including a) Introduction b) Objective c) Methodology or Material and methods d) Results (partial or completed) e) Conclusions or final considerations. Mention of the terms “Introduction”, “Purpose”, “Methodology” or “Material and Methods”, “Results” and “Conclusions” or “Final Considerations” will be part of the total character count. Keywords: Write in the line below the abstract paragraph (without skipping a line) the word keywords, in Arial font, size 12, with initial, bold, capital, and the keywords in Arial font, size 12, with initial capital separated by a period. It must contain three keywords. Source of Funding: After the keywords, skip a line and inform sources of funding (funding, if applicable), in Arial, size 12 (bold for the term source of funding). References: Should be two lines below Keywords or Source of funding (when applicable), the term references must be in Arial, size 12, bold, and the references in Arial, size 10, justified. The references and citations should follow the ABNT style.


21. If the abstract does not fulfill the request above, the study will be immediately disqualified.


Criteria for approval of the abstract:


· Relevance and Originality.

· Clarity and relevance of objectives.

· Methodological consistency.

· Design of research appropriate to the objectives.

· Description of methods/procedures and research sample.

· Clear description of the type of analysis used (descriptive or analytical)

· Clear definition of study results and variables.

· Importance for the advancement of knowledge.

· Applicability potential.

· Impact of the results.




22. The selected abstracts and presentation schedule will be published until the week before the event on the official website of the event and its social networks.


Abstract Presentation Rules:


23. The presentation will be online, in English, through Google Meet (or other streaming platform announced in advance) for the ten best abstracts only, chosen by the event scientific committee, in an oral communication format, during the symposium schedule, by using slides, limited to 10 minutes.


24. The presentation slides should follow the template structure available on, as well as the limit of four slides per presentation. 


25. A maximum of fifty abstracts will be approved, but only the 10 best studies will need to perform an oral presentation to receive the presentation certificate.




26. The Scientific Committee will honor the three highest-scoring abstracts with a presentation certificate and a prize of R$1000,00, R$600,00, and R$400, respectively, at the closing ceremony.




27. Under no circumstances, a reply regarding the evaluation decisions is accepted.


28. Omissions will be resolved by the Scientific Committee, which will be sovereign in its decisions that concern this notice.


29. By submitting an abstract for selection, the authors authorize the Congress Organizing Committee to publish the abstract in all media, with no payment by copyright

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